Meet Our Staff


Marcus Beiler

Marcus and Joanna live on a farmette in Paradise, PA with their seven wonderful children. In November 2017, he became administrator at Meadows of Hope. Previously, Marcus was a mentor for two years at Bald Eagle Boys Camp (a wilderness therapeutic residential program). He met Joanna on a mission trip to Asia, and they married in 2004. They spent three years in Romania as house parents for six boys from the Christian Aid Ministries orphanage. He and his brothers started Paradise Energy Solutions in 2009. Marcus is serving as a church deacon and has also been on the board for Allegany Boys Camp, similar to BEBC. (read more)Marcus enjoys sharing the vision of the ministry with supporters, hires and trains the MOH staff, oversees administrative duties, and likes to grill for events.  He loves to interact with the families of teen girls and watch relationships being restored and healing occur!

Phil Hollinger
Family Worker

Phil and Lisa, with the two youngest of their four sons, moved to the area from Westminster, SC in July of 2021. Phil was a mentor for two years at Fair Play Boys Camp (a wilderness therapeutic residential program) and met Lisa there. They served at Bald Eagle Boys Camp as Family Worker and then pastored a church in PA for over a decade. Most recently, Phil worked as Maintenance and Family Worker at Fair Play Boys Camp for eleven years. Walking beside families while they rebuild relationships is close to Phil’s heart. 


Deb Rohrer
Girls Care Supervisor

Deb moved to MOH from Itasca, Texas in June 2017 to fill a mentor position and now calls this area home. In January 2020, she transitioned to Child Care Supervisor and trains and empowers the mentors in their role. Deb oversees the food and weekly activities and keeps staff care and communication flowing smoothly. She loves to care for others’ soul needs, whether team members or teen girls (current and former). In Sep. 2021, she married Mylin Rohrer and continues to supervise.


Heather Martin

Heather’s home is in Newmanstown, PA, and she arrived in June of 2020, wanting more involvement with girls’ lives than her previous Summer Camp and Bible School Dean experiences. She loves the skills she is gaining in leadership, wilderness trips, evaluating with the girls, and primarily, her relationships with them.


Sharilyn Martin

Sharilyn is from Gap, PA and started teaching at the MOH school in June 2020. In March of 2021 she became a mentor, happy to already know the girls and the program. Living daily routines with the girls and walking with them on their healing journeys is what Sharilyn enjoys about her mentor role. She is excited to have a front row seat when one of the girls starts making connections with the difficulties in her life and change happens.


Kelsey Graber

Kelsey joined the MOH team from Seneca, SC in January of 2022 as a mentor. Previously, she coached girls’ middle school and varsity volleyball for 3 years and coached another year of varsity. One of the most meaningful parts of MOH for her is seeing how the group speaks truth and love into each other’s lives in circle-ups, despite, and often out of, their own struggles and experiences.


Melissa Ticen

Melissa holds a Bachelor's degree in Counseling from Baptist Bible College (now Clarks Summit University) and a Master's degree in Counseling from Lancaster Bible College. She met her husband, Scott Ticen, while they were both in the cast of Sight and Sound Theatres. They now have two exuberant children, Aria and Hunter. Melissa has served as Meadows of Hope's counselor since its beginning in 2014 and was a counselor from 2005-2020 at Upward Call/Shepherd's Touch Counseling Services in Leola, PA. She loves serving God's daughters and has extensive experience in counseling clients with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, abuse histories, grief, self-mutilation, Obsessive-Compulsive disorder, relationship problems, and much more.  One of her greatest joys is witnessing clients’ transition from barely surviving to thriving—all to God's glory!

Grace Thompson
Office Supervisor

In May 2020, Grace moved from Summerfield, OH, where she worked in the office at Ohio Wilderness Boys Camp (a wilderness therapeutic residential program) since it started in 2009. At MOH, she oversees the details of paperwork for the girls and staff, IT tasks and state licensing for our school and residential home. She is glad there is still time to interact more directly with the teen girls when backup care is needed in the school or house. 


Juanita Lehman
School Supervisor

Juanita came to MOH in October 2021 from Chambersburg, PA. After testing each girl at Intake, she places them accordingly in the school curriculum and monitors them daily. Preparing tests, teaching classes, creating ILP’s, and recording progress charts and report cards are part of what Juanita takes ownership for, as well as helping with special events at MOH. She enjoys seeing relationships built while the girls find confidence in who they are and healing in their stories.




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