Meet Our Staff



Marcus Beiler

Marcus grew up on a dairy and chicken farm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with his parents and three brothers. His first experience in working with young people was in spending two years at Bald Eagle Boys Camp as a mentor. While on a mission trip to Asia in 2003, he met Joanna and they married in 2004. In the first five years of their marriage, they spent three years in Romania as house parents for six boys from the Christian Aid Ministries orphanage. (read more)
Marcus loves to work with people and enjoys relationships. Mentoring young men, relating with people through deacon work at church, interacting with boards, and being involved in therapeutic residential programs for boys has been enjoyable and life-giving for him. He and his brothers started Paradise Energy Solutions nine years ago. In the fall of 2016, he took a sabbatical from work and spent a year focusing on ministry and his family. Then recently Marcus took on the role of administrator at Silver Springs Ministries and is excited about the work that God is doing through the ministries of Camp Andrews and Meadows of Hope!

Marcus and Joanna have six wonderful children. As a family, they love to go on camping trips, raise pigs, steers, and fruit on their farmette, and the boys love hunting with Marcus.

Jenni Wagler
Program Manager

Jenni grew up in Millbank, Ontario and joined the team at Meadows of Hope in 2016. She has a Bachelor of Social Work degree from the University of Waterloo, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Development Studies from the University of Waterloo, and an Associate's degree in Biblical Studies from Rosedale Bible College.(read more)
Jenni's previous experiences include case management and community development work with refugee and immigrant youth in Canada, teaching English and mentoring university students in Cambodia, volunteering with refugee resettlement organizations in Canada (and now in Pennsylvania), family support work for children and adults with developmental disabilities, and providing spiritual and emotional support for college students at Rosedale Bible College. Jenni enjoys working with people of all ages and cultural backgrounds, although she especially enjoys teenagers and refugees. She is extremely fond of the teen girls in the program at Meadows of Hope. They are brave and beautiful young ladies, with so much potential ahead of them.

Jenni loves her family and friends and is very thankful for the important people who make up her personal support network. When Jenni is not in the office at Meadows of Hope, you might find her globetrotting, taking a road trip, canoeing, reading, making curry, baking cookies, drinking coffee, playing guitar, spending time with friends, or laughing at herself.


Curt Weaver
Office Manager

Curt has been resident of Northeastern Lancaster County all of his life. After graduating from Sharon Mennonite Bible School, Curt married Tresa (Newswanger) Weaver (his high school sweetheart) and then taught school at Terre Hill Mennonite High School (where he and his wife both graduated from). After teaching high school for 7 ½ years, Curt earned a Bachelor's degree in Bible and Christian Life and Ministry from Lancaster Bible College. (read more)After working in Human Resources for a few years in the family business, Curt moved his family to Northwestern PA for 1 ½ years, graduated from Faith Builder's Educational Programs with an Associate's degree in teaching, and went back to the classroom at Shalom Mennonite School where he taught 7th-8th grade for five years.

During these five years at Shalom Mennonite School, Curt joined an exploratory committee that Camp Andrews assembled to research the possibility of starting a residential girl's home. The first committee meeting was held on January 14, 2011. After the Board approved the creation of a girl's home, Curt resigned from teaching and served on a steering committee to help start Meadows of Hope (MOH). Preceding the opening of the girl's home, Curt came on staff to serve in the office at MOH.

Curt enjoys spending time with his wife, Tresa, and their five children (ages 13-24), doing activities such as drinking coffee with Tresa, finding new bike trails with Tresa, exquisite food preparation with his three sons (and eating it), playing Acquire with two of his sons, swimming with his children, deer hunting, and having meaningful conversations with his family. In addition, Curt loves playing competitive racquetball and tennis with his younger brother.

House Staff


Carmen Stoltzfus
Girls' Care Supervisor

Carmen comes from Plain City, Ohio. She loves being the middle child of five. Her family means more to her than anything else, and she treasures times they are all together. Spending time with her two nieces and nephew would land in her top five things to do. She has loved little children all her life, and spent 2 ½ years before she came being a nanny to twin babies. She also loves traveling, coffee shops, connecting with friends, and volleyball.(read more)
June 2014 was the first of four summers that Carmen was at Camp Andrews with Washington DC camps. In spending time with hurting teens at Camp Andrews, she realized she had a heart for hurting people. Carmen often dreamed of reaching out to hurting people, but for a long time felt she was too young to be involved in an organization. While waiting to see where God would lead her, she began preparing to help hurting people in the future. It was during this time she took the Apprenticeship Program that Deeper Life Ministries offers.

Carmen is thankful God allowed her to pursue some of her dreams by leading her to Meadows of Hope. She considers it a privilege to share the hope and peace she has found in Christ with those who have lost hope.


Deb Strite

Debra was born in Pennsylvania. Her family moved to New Mexico for a few years and on to Texas in 2000. She comes from a large family, who loves to travel and sight see. There was never a boring moment with many siblings to keep up with. After finishing school, she worked in the family bakery and deli.(read more)

After a few years, Deb decided to go into voluntary service. She served at Hillcrest Home in Arkansas for 3 years. She served in several different positions, but being a Certified Nursing Assistant was definitely her favorite position. She found joy in providing care for the elderly in their last months of their lives. She also enjoyed the opportunity to pursue and care for the girls that came to serve as well. She loved to see them rise above their hurts in their lives.

Over her time at Hillcrest Homes, God placed a passion in Deb's heart to help hurting women thrive in life instead of survive. Not knowing where to go with the passion, she went overseas to Institute for Global Opportunities (IGO) in Thailand for a term. God slowly brought Meadows of Hope into her life through several people. As God opened the doors, she walked through them. After sensing God's leading, she moved to Meadows of Hope in 2017 to fill the need for a mentor. Deb is excited about joining the team at Meadows of Hope. She desires to be used by God to help teen girls find healing and freedom in Christ.

Some of Deb's passions and hobbies are quality time with friends and Jesus, authenticity, sewing, baking, cooking, painting, coffee, and chocolate.


Sonya Stoltzfus

Sonya is from Salem County, New Jersey. She was born in Lancaster County and then moved with her family to New Jersey at 10 years old. She comes from a large family where there is never a dull moment. Her family loves to talk and it seems everyone has their own opinion and loves to share it. They enjoy spending family time at their cabin. (read more)

Sonya's love for traveling has taken her to 6 different countries so far. She thoroughly enjoyed teaching VBS in Belize for 2 weeks. She traveled to Guatemala under SMBI’s WATER program in 2017. She was there for 6 weeks and loved it. However, at that point she knew God was calling her to more. She wanted to go somewhere or be a part of something for a longer period of time. She loved her job of being manager at a produce stand. She enjoyed the customer interaction and the relationships with coworkers. But when Sonya felt God was calling her to Meadows of Hope, she was excited to move forward. She wanted to grow , and she wanted a challenge. Sonya is happy to be a part of the team at Meadows of Hope and her goal is to be a servant of God in any way He asks. Some of Sonya’s hobbies are horseback riding, volleyball, traveling, and coffee with friends. She is thankful for the opportunity to serve God in this way and for the support from her family and friends.


Kathy Stoltzfus
House Mom

Kathy comes from Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. She grew up on a farm and is the fourth child in a family of 6 boys and 3 girls. Family is important to her and she loves spending time with them whether it's for a holiday, special occasion, or a random evening of getting together. They are all a fan of their Dad's grilled foods and enjoy making mountain pies during the summer.(read more)

She loves to cook and in October of 2014 she moved to Allegany Boys Camp in Maryland and served as a cook for 21 months. She made many good friends and memories and if you asked her about it today she would say, "I did what I loved and loved what I did." After moving home from Maryland in 2016, she worked as a secretary for an investment and loans company prior to moving to Meadows of Hope.
Kathy enjoys globetrotting and has visited Haiti, Ireland, and the Philippines. She likes bright colors, summer, volleyball, and spending quality time with friends. She is excited about being part of the work God is doing at Meadows of Hope and desires to be a woman whose heart is at rest with God and invite others to find rest in Him as well.

Support Staff


Melissa Ticen

Melissa grew up in the small town of Bellwood, Pennsylvania. After graduating from Baptist Bible College (now Clarks Summit University) in 1998 with a Bachelor's degree in Counseling, she moved to Lancaster to pursue her passion for acting by joining the cast of Sight and Sound Theatres. There she met fellow actor Scott Ticen, and they married in 2004.(read more)

After seven years in the cast, Melissa and Scott felt God was calling Melissa to a different career ministry. She enrolled in graduate school at Lancaster Bible College, where she obtained her Master's degree in Counseling.

Melissa has been a counselor since 2005 at Upward Call/Shepherd's Touch Counseling Services in Leola, Pennsylvania. Also, she has served as Meadows of Hope's counselor since its beginning in 2014. Melissa passionately loves serving God's daughters, counseling clients as young as age 9 and as old as they can get! She has extensive experience in counseling clients with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, abuse histories, grief, self-mutilation, Obsessive-Compulsive disorder, relationship problems, and much more. One of her greatest joys is witnessing clients' transition from barely surviving to thriving—all to God's glory!

Melissa lives with her husband Scott and their two exuberant children, Aria and Hunter. She enjoys reading, writing, public speaking, cooking, movies, the theater, the outdoors, traveling, tea time, friendships, and time with family.


Andrea Burkholder
Equine Supervisor

Andrea grew up in central Lancaster county before marrying and relocating to her husband's area in slower-paced, southern Lancaster county. She has been involved in horses since begging for and receiving a miniature horse at 9 years old. As she acquired two more horses and learned more about the impact horses can have on people, she became inspired to serve God with horses in some way and was thrilled to find a place where she could fulfill that longing.(read more)

In 2015, Andrea began volunteering at Green Meadow Farm, a non-profit that connects children from hard places with horses in weekly lessons to bring healing and peace. She gave lessons there for two years to a variety of ages from 9 to 15. She greatly enjoyed it and her passion for using horses to reach struggling children grew. She heard about Meadows of Hope a few years before she was married. Knowing her boyfriend lived in that area, the idea of helping there if she got married was tucked away in her mind. Andrea and Brandon married in July 2017, and that fall Andrea began helping with the horses and eventually with sessions. She loves to read, ride and train her own 2 horses, hand letter, organize things, learn about personality types and psychology, and spend time with her husband, Brandon, and her son, Oliver.


Bettina Yoder
Educational Supervisor & Creative Expression Supervisor

Bettina grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, near Charlottesville. As a young adult, she volunteered at a home for children with intellectual disabilities. She completed the Teacher Apprenticeship program at Faith Builders Educational Programs and holds a Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies from Lancaster Bible College. Before coming to Meadows of Hope, she taught elementary and middle school grades for nine years. (read more)
During these years she taught music and developed an Art program for grades 1-8 at Shalom Mennonite School. Her love of music motivated her participation with Oasis Chorale for five seasons. Bettina joined the team at Meadows of Hope in 2015.
Bettina has a growing passion for leading teens and children in creative experiences which develop their artistic skills and nurture redemption and beauty in their lives. Believing that creativity and beauty reflect God's glory and invite a broken world back to wholeness, she delights in walking alongside teens in this process. Her hobbies include biking, hiking, cake decorating, crocheting, drinking coffee with friends, singing, and painting.


Darlene Slaubaugh

Darlene was born and raised in North Dakota. Living on a farm with six siblings taught her how to work, play, have fun, and work some more. With the four oldest children being girls, Darlene and her sisters helped their dad outside a lot, which has made her a farmer and rancher at heart. She especially loves working with cattle and horses. For the last several years, she has been the unofficial manager of the cattle operation at home. At age 14, Darlene got her first horse and has never grown out of the horse-crazy stage. At home, she had two horses and used them both for ranch work and riding lessons. (read more)
Darlene loves traveling and has been to Central and South America, as well as the Middle East on short-term mission trips. She also enjoys traveling to see her friends in the U.S. Even though she enjoyed her short term mission trips, she wanted to be part of a ministry more long-term. Darlene's official title at Meadows of Hope is Teacher, and she enjoys interacting with the teen girls in the school. She also hopes to be able to learn more about how equine therapy can minister to hurting hearts. Her hobbies are too many to count, but the top three are riding horse, playing guitar, and writing.


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