Shadow Sweet Pea

Swee Pea is small, quick and quiet and has gained confidence since coming to MOH. She values safety and likes trail rides.   


Calypso is a registered American Paint mare. She is the only horse at the barn with blue eyes and is sensitive, sweet and very relationship oriented. 


Riot is a Thoroughbred/Paint cross mare. She got her name because of her exuberant, spitfire personality and her flashy color. She values safety and enjoys connection.


Skip is a quarter horse and enjoys being active. He is charismatic, athletic, and smart (and drop-dead gorgeous!).


Belle is a purebred Arabian, born just down the road from Meadows of Hope. She is an absolute sweetheart and values safety. Her gentleness and willing attitude make her a great confidence builder.


Flicka enjoys people and will often be one of the first at the fence to greet anyone approaching. She is one of the youngest horses in the barn and provides opportunities for the girls to learn leadership.


Midas is a Halflinger and is really dependable.  He has proven that he is just about worth his weight in gold, hence the name.  He is the closest to “bombproof” that a horse can be.  He’s rarely in a hurry, unless it’s supper time. 

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