Frequently Asked Questions

Who is your clientele? (click to see answer)

In partnership with Camp Andrews in their ministry to youth, we at Meadows of Hope serve teen girls who are struggling socially, emotionally, and spiritually.  We serve girls between the ages of 13-20.    The teen girls who enter our program are not mandated to come here.  We help teen girls who are aware of their need to make a change, and who are willing to work on their problems.  We do not work with teen girls who are pregnant, actively suicidal, or psychotic.  We do not work with girls who struggle with severe eating disorders, alcohol addiction, or drug addiction, unless they have successfully completed an eating disorder program or a detox/rehab program.   

What ages are your teen girls? (click to see answer)

We serve teen girls who are between the ages of 13-20.  Preference is given to girls who are 13-17. 

What is the average stay for a girl? (click to see answer)

18 – 24 months

Where are you located? (click to see answer)

Holtwood, Pennsylvania, which is in Lancaster County

What is the parental involvement in your program? (click to see answer)

We invite parents and families into a journey of restoration and transformation.  Parents must be willing to grow and change through the time that their daughter is in the program at Meadows of Hope.  Parents are required to attend parent seminars and equine/counseling sessions as requested by Meadows of Hope.  Parents are expected to write weekly letters and make weekly phone calls to their daughter, in order to be actively involved in their daughter's life and healing. The short and long term success of the program is significantly based on the love and support of the parents/guardians before, during, and after involvement with the program.

What is the church involvement in your program? (click to see answer)

We expect each teen girl in our program to have an older female mentor from their home church or home community.  As well, churches can support the teen girls through prayer and by writing letters.  Our girls love receiving mail.

How often do the girls see their families? (click to see answer)

The girls have a home visit every eight weeks, where they get the opportunity to put into practice the skills they are learning at Meadows of Hope.  Parents have a weekly phone call with their daughter while she is in the program.

How much does the program cost? (click to see answer)

We arrange a financial agreement with each family that enrolls their daughter at Meadows of Hope.  We petition sponsors to cover a certain amount of the cost per month for each girl.  We promise to collaborate with you for the remaining amount of the cost per month.  Marcus Beiler, the Administrator of Silver Springs Ministries, works out the details of finances with each individual family and supporting ministry.

How can I refer someone to Meadows of Hope? (click to see answer)

Please contact Marcus Beiler at 717-284-2019 or   We would be delighted to send you brochures, applications, and handbooks with more information about Meadows of Hope. 

Do you have a waiting list? (click to see answer)

There is generally a waiting list.  When you contact us by phone or email, Marcus Beiler, the Administrator, will inform you when the next opening may be. It often takes an average of 3-5 months to be placed into our program. In order to be placed on our waiting list at Meadows of Hope, we will need to receive four completed applications (teen, parent, ministry representative, and female mentor applications) from you, along with a non-refundable application fee of $125.00. Once we receive your applications, we can continue to discern your interest in our program and become better acquainted with your situation.

Are you affiliated with any particular denomination? (click to see answer)

Yes. We are affiliated with the conservative Mennonite Church.  Our Statement of Faith can be found HERE.   

What is the connection between Meadows of Hope and Camp Andrews?  (click to see answer)

Meadows of Hope is an extension of Camp Andrews.  Camp Andrews is the “parent” 501(c)(3) private, non-profit, Christian para-church ministry of Meadows of Hope.  Both Camp Andrews and Meadows of Hope are governed by a Board of Directors who are responsible to: maintain legal control of the corporation, safeguard the assets of the corporation, approve all personnel policies prior to their implementation, evaluate the program annually for strategic planning and/or corrective action, reviews and approves the annual written budget, makes resources available for staff salaries, equipment, supplies, and facilities to ensure the program is capable of providing appropriate and adequate discipleship training services to Meadows of Hope students. Camp Andrews has been in operation since 1973.  Meadows of Hope has been in operation since 2014.  These two ministries are governed by the same Board of Directors and operate under the umbrella organization of Silver Springs Ministries.   

How many girls can you take?  (click to see answer)

We have capacity for 10 girls in our program.   

How many staff do you have?  (click to see answer)

We have 11 full-time staff on our team.   

Are you a therapeutic camping program/wilderness camp program?   (click to see answer)

No.  However, we utilize some of the tools of these programs, such as group work and canoe trips.  We see ourselves as a residential discipleship program.  We value developing better relationships with others and a deep relationship with Jesus. Our program is situated in a house, with house parents and two female mentors.    

What are the pillars of your program?  (click to see answer)

In addition to living in a house with staff and other teen girls, the girls at Meadows of Hope participate in various types of programming.  The teen girls meet with our counselor, Melissa Ticen, M.A.M.F.C., for a 1-hour session every week.   The girls participate in individual equine sessions each week, as well as group equine sessions.  Equine sessions provide the opportunity for the girls to learn more about their own hearts and to learn how to relate well with others.  The girls also participate in creative expression sessions, to develop their love for beauty and creativity.  

What about the education of my teen girl?  (click to see answer)

Meadows of Hope Christian School (MOHCS) is located on campus at Meadows of Hope.  MOHCS offers a unique educational program for grades 7-12 tailored to the needs and goals of each student. The curriculum attempts to focus on the basic academic disciplines while providing variations and opportunities for hands-on and real-world learning.  Caring staff guide the learning process, and a high teacher-student ratio allows a focus on individual needs and gifts.  

What do your house parents do? (click to see answer)

They provide the stability that parents or grandparents bring to a Christian home. As a couple, they show the girls a picture of what a godly marriage looks like. 

What do the mentors do? (click to see answer)

The mentors live alongside the girls as “older sisters” and share with them the joys and sorrows of life.  They also grow in their personal relationship with Jesus and share what they have learned and are learning about God and life in general.  

Can we visit Meadows of Hope? (click to see answer)

In order to keep Meadows of Hope a safe, therapeutic home where healing can happen, we carefully monitor who comes on property and how often we have visitors. There are designated times to visit, usually when the girls are away.   Please check out our website for upcoming events that invite you to visit us, or contact Marcus Beiler with your request. 

What does an average day look like for the girls? (click to see answer)

Our days start at 6:15 am with morning routines, barn chores, and personal devotions. After breakfast and house devotions, the girls spend the morning in school, counseling, individual equine sessions, or working outside as a group. Lunch and siesta are next. In the afternoon, there are equine and creative expression sessions. Evening activities vary, according to what the girls and house staff have chosen.  Evenings may include anything from mowing grass to dehydrating food to trip planning to inviting guests over.  

What do the girls do on weekends? (click to see answer)

We teach the girls to take care of their property, which includes cleaning the house and taking care of our gardens.  After the work is done, we can play. We enjoy hiking the many trails around Meadows of Hope, using the rock climbing course at Camp Andrews, inviting guests in, or spending a quiet evening doing an activity that the girls choose. 

What do the girls do for church? (click to see answer)

We attend a local Mennonite church that has graciously taken us in. 

How does transformation happen? (click to see answer)

Ultimately, transformation happens through the work of the Holy Spirit and a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our goal is to connect the teen girls at Meadows of Hope to Jesus, which happens as the teen girls learn, heal, and grow alongside our caring staff. 

How do you measure success in your program?  (click to see answer)

We hope that the teen girls in our program will find emotional healing for wounds of the past and learn tools and healthy coping skills for life.  As well, we hope they will learn more about loving God and loving others, and develop an increased empathy for others.  We do not promise to “fix” your daughter, but we will walk with her through the daily challenges that she encounters while she is here, and we will constantly point her back to Jesus. 

What happens in equine sessions?  (click to see answer)

Each girl chooses a horse and becomes primarily responsible to maintain the horse's training and teach them new things.  In this partnership, the goal is to build a healthy relationship based on understanding, respect, and trust.  Through this process, the girls learn how to manage emotions in a healthy way, solve problems and develop solid relationships.  Then, they are able to relate the lessons learned with their horse to other areas of their lives.  

What happens in counseling sessions?  (click to see answer)

Each girl attends a weekly individual counseling session with a professional Christian counselor.  In the sessions, the girls learn to identify lies they believe and replace them with truth.  Also, they learn about their specific life struggles or mental health diagnoses, and learn about ways to heal and grow through them, all under the umbrella of seeking Christ as the ultimate Healer.  And finally, they receive a place to talk about the deep things in their minds and hearts.

What happens in creative expression sessions?  (click to see answer)

During creative expression sessions, the girls learn to express themselves in redemptive and artistic ways.  This happens through basic studio art classes and music classes.  We spend time drawing, painting, singing, and learning to read music. 

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